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Vermintide 2 – Sienna Unchained Is Awesome!

I did not enjoy Vermintide 1, but I took a chance on Vermintide 2 and it has turned out to be a good decision.

I play only one hero, Sienna, because I despise melee…But, after initially struggling mightily, Sienna has really hit the sweet spot. I normally play her as support with the Conflagration Staff, and it’s been great.

But there are a few videos on YouTube, from more skilled players who play Pyromancer, for example with a Beam Staff and they pretty much own everything.

I am bad shot, so I am more useful playing support in a co-op game, and it’s great.

I just discovered tried Unchained Sienna about two days ago, and it’s awesome. I did not know Sienna could be more than a glass cannon. The only regret, is that Unchained does not have the Burning Head as an ultimate.

Anyway, with the recent update, Veteran mode is also worth playing for casuals like myself. Great game overall and pretty enjoyable.

The next game I want to play is God of War.

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