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Monster Hunter: World Gameplay

I played a few sessions of Monster Hunter: World in the recent public beta and I enjoyed it for the most part.

Surprisingly, my teams were successful on every occasion, even though I missed a high amount of shots using the bow, and I missed on a lot of swings, when I used a melee weapon (feathered glaive). Which is leading me to believe the game isn’t hard enough or maybe it’s just the beta difficulty setting.

Monster Hunter: World

Anyway, my main issue is the time limit. I like the time limit, in general, creating a sense of urgency, but I do not like that I could not explore and go open world when on a mission. I was running past creatures I would like to find out more about.

I would prefer if the tracking the monster part of the mission was un-timed, giving us the opportunity to fight other creatures and explore before we find and fight the monster.

Monster Hunter: World

I am assuming the 20 minute clock starts as soon as you get the mission vs starting when a team member finds the monster. Based on my video recordings, it seems like it starts as soon as you get the mission.

There is probably an option to explore without taking on quests in the final game. So, it may just be a beta issue.

Overall I like the game and I found two weapons that I will concentrate on: Bow and Glaive.

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