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Need For Speed Payback Proves…

That, I am still a bad video game driver. But, I will finish this game come hell or high water! Even though I am terrible.

I have completed two games recently, the excellent Call of Duty: WWII campaign and the oftentimes hilarious, South Park – The Fractured But Whole, so I hope to keep my streak going and finish Payback.

My main trouble right now in playing Payback is the Xbox One controller’s right stick. In shooters, I use the right and left stick to steady my characters, but in racing games, when you hit the right stick, you look behind you…Therefore, I have crashed a few times trying to steady the car, only to find myself looking in the opposite direction. Smh.

The game seems fun though and I expect to complete all missions while losing a lot of paint. Here is my new playlist:

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