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Call of Duty: WWII Full Campaign (PC) Gameplay

Call of Duty: WWII’s Campaign was excellent, but a bit short. The shooting and gun handling was on point, except while prone. I could not hit any target while in the prone position. But I am sure it was operator error.

Call of Duty: WWII

Anyway, the story was great. I loved all the characters, except Josh Duhamels’ TSgt. William Pierson. TSgt. William Pierson was over the top, and not believable.

I guess they wrote the character that way to generate tension, and be semi-antagonistic, but I just found him annoying. The other characters, (Turner, Zussman, Stiles and Aiello) were well done and I enjoyed being on missions with them.


The game is one of the most beautiful single player games I have ever seen. The player models and cut scenes were pristine.

That said, I did struggle to maintain 60 fps, playing on a i7 5820K PC with a GTX 980, even though I was using only a little more than half my video card’s memory.

The game also sounds great, especially during an air raid mission. When I shot down an enemy plane, it’s demise was a beautiful rendition. It sounded amazing.


I am sure the multiplayer and zombie modes are going to overshadow the campaign and get most of the attention. But, this campaign was done right and maybe Activision should consider releasing a stand alone Call of Duty campaign game mid-year, in addition to releasing end of year multiplayer and zombie Call of Duty games.

The mid-year campaign game would be similar to this Call of Duty: WWII campaign, but longer. A full game, vs a short treat packaged with two other game modes.

Overall, a very enjoyable single player and a pleasant surprise coming from a game mostly known for it’s multiplayer.

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