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13 Games In 31 Days

Is it possible to play 13 games in 31 days? Well, it’s less than 31 days now since it’s already October 4, and I am not going to start this experiment until about the 7th, since I still have Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to finish.


But below you will see the games I intend to play in October, starting with Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. I have always envisioned playing an old game before the new version comes out. And for a myriad of reasons I have never done it.

Hopefully this October I can start and keep up with it.

Because of the packed schedule in October, I will probably end up playing most of the combos concurrently. In other words, I don’t think I will finish Shadow of Mordor before October 10, when Shadow of War comes out.


I do not own the prior game for a few games: Destiny 2, Gran Turismo Sport and ELEX and I am not going to purchase the old games. If I do not already have the old game, too bad, so sad. 🙂


But I really want to do this double duty thing, where it applies, just because I think it will be cool. So wish me luck. *smile*

And if I dig thru my inventory and find some relatable games, I may giveaway those via Twitter @Nichstaroni

Check out my schedule below:

October 10
Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War


October 13
Evil Within/Evil Within 2


October 17
South Park Stick of Truth/South Park Fractured But Whole


October 18
Gran Turismo Sport


October 24
Destiny 2


October 27
Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry/Assassin’s Creed: Origin
Wolfenstein The New Order/Wolfenstein 2


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