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Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 1 Recap

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones returned for season 7 and it was awesome.
My favorite show on TV, of all time.
Not the best show ever, just my favorite show ever.

Arya’s scene with the Freys was tremendous. Very good opening scene.

The tension between Jon and Sansa was really good and will be good all year. Sansa doesnt know when to shut the heck up, seriously.
She needs to talk to Jon offline when she objects. But I love their interraction.

Jon standing up to Sansa and letting her know what’s what, was awesome.
And Sansa’s scene with Littlefinger was also glorious. She shut him down tremendously.

Littlefinger has been trying to snag one of these Tully/Stark women for decades and he has not been able to do it. Reminds me of my High School days…


Arya talking to the Lannister soldiers was interesting. I thought it was going to go left, several times. It was the show being cheeky.

I guess the scene was supposed to show their humanity, they have families and not all men mob attack a single woman out in the wilderness.

And even though they work for Cersei, they are just soldiers doing a job, not necessarily as “bad” as her. They can’t help who they work for or something like that.

The White Walkers and their giants, shows you how powerful the Night King is, and he will probably have a dragon in his army before it’s said and done. My guess is one of Daenerys’ dragons is going to die and the Night King will raise it as an ice dragon.

Euron Greyjoy’s jacket was on point. That is some fancy clothing for a sea captain. Well he is also a king, so it makes sense.

But I thought he was best dressed on the whole show, followed by Dany, as usual. Euron could walk off set and walk into a club today, and no one would double take, because his clothes look so modern and stylish.

Cersei is my guilty pleasure on the show, after her walk of shame. And I can’t wait to see what she does to her enemies, or attempts to do.

The Hound seeing the dead crossing the wall means that Bran Stark, crossing under the wall with the Night King’s mark, will allow the dead to cross. Same as when the Night King was able to enter the Three-eyed Raven’s lair after he put that mark on Bran’s forearm.

Sam at the Citadel was 5 minutes too long. We get it…He has to clean lot’s of chamberpots…

Ser Jorah’s hand was looking awesomely disgusting. It more wet looking than the other grey scale men who attacked him on the boat.

A nice episode with alot of fan favorites shown. Only six episodes remain in this season.

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