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The Division Russian Consulate – Sticky Bomb Emp

One of the drawbacks of The Division Loadout update is that it is a good time-waster.

I have spent an absurd amount of hours mixing and matching gear sets to create “Rusher”, “Support” and “DPS” etc sets. It got too crazy and I finally decided that less is more. So, I cut down my gear hoarding to just Predator on one agent and Tactician and FireCrest on the other.

Now, I just compliment my three sets with High End and Exotic pieces. Mixing and matching from a smaller group of items has been manageable.

I now have several builds on my agents from less than 20 items total. I once only had 9 items on my Predator agent. But I wanted to get 6 loadouts, so I added about 6 pieces so I can roll an Assault Rifle package or Sniper focused agent, if I wish.

The below video contains gameplay of my Tactician agent with Sticky Bomb EMP grenade and Seeker Mine with the gas charge.

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