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Call of Duty WWII

Two things about Call of Duty WWII:

  1. After the poor reception for CoD Infinite Warfare and the great reception for Battlefield 1, Activision decided to get back into the old war genre.
  2. The game may be great, but the trailer was underwhelming. Especially Josh Duhamel’s line delivery. However, people seem to be giving the game a chance, based on the trailer’s like numbers on YouTube, and not just auto-hating any and all Call of Duty.

As long as they get MP and Zombies right, most Call of Duty fans will be happy.

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  1. Finally someone else, who thinks that the trailer was underwhelming.
    Actually, I didn’t like it at all.
    It looked like the same old Call of Duty, except this time in different setting.
    And I was also surprised that people reacted positively to it.
    The trailer itself was worse then the trailers of previous installments. And I don’t get my hopes high about the game either.


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