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Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard has been A- so far. And only A- because I have experienced stuttering issues at times in a few of the one and one battles with minions.

But other than that, the graphics are excellent and the controls (XB1 controller) are great. My only gripe with the controls, is that there are no other options, for example left-handed set up etc, only default.

Also having the map toggle (radar and mini-onscreen) on the right stick is annoying because during fights, I press down on the right stick and the map switches to mini-onscreen and ‘hides’ my character.


But besides those ‘minor’ gripes, the game is great. If it is too easy or hard, adjust your difficulty level to suit your play style. Keep in mind, boss battles may be 1.5 times your difficulty level. So, if you are struggling with hard difficulty running around, you will probably have major difficulty with the bosses.

I will start another class/hero, and play with the screen zoomed in, on lower difficulty, just to realize more of the beauty of this game and set myself another challenge by relying on the map and my reflexes to ward off danger.
Note: with map zoomed in, FOV will be more narrow, therefore shortening the advance warning on enemies.

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