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Top5 New PC Games March 2017

March has arrived with a great slate of games that should satisfy almost every gamer. I am most looking forward to Ghost Recon Wildlands, and anticipate playing it the most.

Wildlands is an open world tactical shooter set in Bolivia where the Ghosts take on the world’s leading cocaine producer. The game has both single player and multiplayer/co-op elements.gr_wildlands

Second on my list is Mass Effect: Andromeda. I loved both ME1 and ME2. And even though I own ME3, I have only played the demo.
Andromeda takes places in 2185 between the ME2 and ME3 story lines. Maybe it’s best I have not played ME3 yet, so now I can play the Mass Effect story line in order. ME1, ME2, Andromeda then ME3. Kinda like watching Star Wars episodes in order versus the date they were released.mass_effect1

Next up is Nier: Automata. It was released in Japan a month ago.
I was intrigued by the movement mechanics from the launch trailer of this Action Role-Playing, open world beauty. According to Wikipedia, Nier: Automata is a follow up to Nier, which itself is a spinoff of the Drakengard series…Yeah.nier_1

Fourth PC game in March I am intrigued by is Styx: Shards of Darkness. Styx is a stealth game, which I normally do not like, but since you do not have to be stealthy all-the-time, it should be fun.


Lastly, I hope to check out Troll and I. Troll and I is set in post World War II Scandinavia and it is the story about a young boy named Otto and his bond with a giant troll. They are on the run from a merciless hunter.


This is my first attempt at playing/finishing five new games in a month, it’s going to be awesome. Follow my game plays on my YouTube channels.

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