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The Batman Director


Matt Reeves has signed to direct and produce The Batman for Warner Bros.
Matt Reeves’ biggest movie to date, seems to be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He also directed War for the Planet of the Apes, coming out July 2017.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was ok. And I am sure War for the Planet of the Apes will be just ok as well. Meaning those movies are not that remarkable. They are not the Dark Knight trilogy.

Having said that, I still expect Matt Reeves do a good job with The Batman. If he gets a great script, he shouldn’t mess it up, because it’s Batman.

My main issues with The Batman are with Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck and their insistence on working together.

For some reason Warner Bros. thought Affleck was ‘the guy’ for this movie and gave him the keys to the kingdom, only for him to back out now and say he doesn’t want to direct.

And Affleck, for some reason had to play Batman. Maybe he was still recovering from ghosts of Daredevil’s past and wanted a superhero do-over.

I like Ben Affleck as a director. He did a great job directing The Town, but his acting is not that remarkable. His true skill is directing and he should do more of that vs starring in superhero movies.


Per Yahoo Movies, Warner Bros. Pictures Group President, Toby Emmerich said that Batman is the crown jewel in their DC slate. That statement there tells all Superman fans why their favorite superhero has been treated so poorly by Warner Bros. Because in Warner Bros. view, Batman is King.

Which goes a long way in explaining why Batman vs Superman sucked so hard. If you are a Superman fan, you hated that movie and the way Superman was treated. In that movie, Batman and Wonder Woman kicked ass and Superman was lackluster and got his ass kicked.

Batman vs Superman is currently on HBO, daily, and I’ve watched it once. I can not sit thru a repeat viewing of that tripe. Batman vs Superman vs Lens Flares.

In the past, Ben Affleck initially rejected directing a superhero movie because he felt he was not great with special effects. But because he so badly wanted to play Batman, he agreed to direct.

In my opinion, it was never his intention to direct The Batman, but it was his only way to guarantee being selected to play the role of Batman. And Warner Bros. either due to money or convenience agreed to this shenanigan.

I still hope The Batman does well, but I am still annoyed at how Superman is being treated by Warner Bros. They clearly do not know what to do with him or how to transition his powers and abilities onto the big screen properly.

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