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Giveaway – Watch_Dogs

Watch_Dogs is one of the most maligned games ever created by Ubisoft.

I was not really interested in it when it launched and I never played it. But I know a lot of people played it and hated it for various reasons. It was an over-hyped game with ok graphics that crashed a lot, some say…And some gamers hated it because it introduced them to Uplay.

Giveaway #3: Watch_Dogs

Giveaway #2: Watch_Dogs

Giveaway #1: Watch_Dogs


Two and a half years later, the mob has moved on and Watch_Dogs is getting positive reviews on Steam. Not sure if all the issues have been fixed by Ubisoft, but I do know Uplay is still around, and I have no problem with it.

So if you win this giveaway, let me know what you think about the Watch_Dogs gameplay. I am still interested in Watch_Dogs 2, but will wait until it’s on a 50% or more sale.

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