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Steam Autumn Sale Shenanigans

Update: 11/23/2016, 2:51 PM, reviews are now available again.

Steam’s glorious Autumn sale is upon us, where you can get those games you have delayed purchasing either due to high price or bad reviews. But alas Valve has updated the Steam platform just in time to coincidentally hide all reviews of games.arkham_knight1

Now there are no reviews of games available by default.There is a message on each game’s page reads “There are no more reviews that match the filters set above“. Oh really? Yep, the filter by default is set to summary, and since summary reviews are in the curators section, you wont see those glaring thumbs down that a developer earned for releasing a shoddy game at 30 fps for $59.99 on PC.arkham_knight2


This is anti-consumer. Of course Valve will either play dumb and say it was a mistake or just totally ignore it. If this is where Steam is going with it’s game review program, they should just scrap the damn thing. Why have game reviews when you hide them behind default filters that are designed to hide them. But this is what happens when one enterprise dominates the digital PC game space, they only think about how they can make even more money at the expense of their customers. Happy Thanks-give-us-your-money from Steam.

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