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Steep Open Beta

Steep open beta was fun in spurts. An hour or two, here and there, of fun gameplay in all four sport types. Gliding (wingsuit), skiing, snowboarding and para-gliding offered different challenges. A more skillful player would enjoy all sport types, but for me, snowboarding was top draw, even when I wiped out. steep1

And talking about wiping out. It’s fun, but it could be so much better if the developers turned it up a notch. Crashing should be more outlandish and over the top. It’s fun right now, but could be better.

The game seems like a luxury item at $59.99 on PC. Long term the player base will probably not be there to enjoy a vibrant multiplayer experience. On console it may be quite different because the game should be a hit on split-screen. And sport themed games operate in a world of their own and can be enjoyed by people who are not traditional gamers.

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