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Gears of War 4 was Awesome!

I finished Gears of War 4 yesterday, and I posted a collection of hits video Gears of War 4 – Life and Death on youtube. Aside from the greatly conceived but highly frustrating The Great Escape mission, it was a very enjoyable gaming experience. thegreatescape

I hope to try my hand at some coop, campaign and horde modes. I will try to play as sniper as much as possible during campaign coop, because I didnt get enough time with the Longshot and Embar. jd_customization

Checkout out my Gears of War 4 playlist, I should have final videos of single player campaign uploaded by Wednesday of next week. And after that I will tackle some coop.


As mentioned in a previous post, JD’s sidekicks, Del and Kait were very well done. Voice acting was top notch and NPC AI was great. Del and Kait provided informative in-game commentary and were otherwise helpful and non-obtrusive or obstructive.


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