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Gears of War 4 – The Great Escape

I am enjoying Gears of War 4. I am up to the Dont Go Gentle mission. I like every single character I have met in the game. I like em all. JD, Kait, Del, Kait’s Mom, Marcus, Kim, the old General. All great.

But then I came upon this road block of a mission in Act II – Chapter 4: The Great Escape.


If I were a better driver/steerer, maybe I would’ve enjoyed this mission a lot more. But it frustrated me to no end because it did not have progressive checkpoints. And so my “hard work” was not rewarded and I got sent to the back of the line (last checkpoint) and had to traverse a series of unending incendiary bombs…thegreatescape3

It was brutal. And after dying about 10 or 15 times…I got frustrated, ended my no-viewer stream on, changed gameplay to casual and grabbed a controller…

You can watch my fail here:

But I had to do it. I felt like The Great Escape mission was preventing me from finishing the game. And even worse, I started accusing the game of having no replay value because this irritating mission was Satan.

But after nearly breaking up with Gears of War 4, we are back together again. Everything is all good and I dont even remember what we fought about. 🙂

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