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Top 10 Coolest Shots from Star Wars: Rogue One – Trailer 2

First things first, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was an abomination. No two ways about it. It sucked hard. But lets not get into it…

I am here to talk about the potentially awesome and very intriguing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It seems like Disney and Gareth Edwards toned down the J.J. Abrams on this one. Which is an absolute blessing.

I am getting an important, urgent vibe from the trailers and I hope its realized in the movie vice the shlocky, annoying slap-stick mess that was The Force Awakens.

And I hope that Rogue One doesnt disappoint because Star Wars has had a stretch of just pure dreck, the last four films.

The Rogue One Trailer 2 is awesome and its beautiful. Be sure to check it out and re-watch it about 2 dozen times.

The location in the opening shot looks so tranquil. Like a place I would definitely like to visit for a nice long walk. Excellent shot.


The elite troopers shown walking with Director Krennic, look great as well.


Young Jyn Erso talking to her Dad (Galen Erso) is an awesome moment, as well as her watching (I am guessing) his meet up with Director Orson Krennic.


This shot of a statue lying on it’s side in the sand with a space craft flying over and it’s shadow on the ground is beautiful.


The Death Star on the horizon is glorious.


And of course this shot made me think of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs. I had to pause and laugh for a about five minutes at this. Side note: for the longest time, I thought his name was Lord Helmet…


I couldnt get a good pic of Forrest Whitaker’s (Saw Gerrera) feet, but they are metallic. Which makes you wonder how he got hurt. rogueone10

I immediately thought of Jurassic World and that fly in shot of the park, when I saw this shot.


Felicity Jones‘ eyes are so expressive here.


And of course Darth Vader, before his reveal. His smoked silhouette is more awesome than 50 The Force Awakens.


I truly hope this movie just wrecks every thing and every one with it’s greatness. Even though I have been disappointed before by Star Wars, I am cautiously optimistic that Rogue One is the movie that returns the franchise to greatness.

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