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Mafia 3: Early Impressions – 30FPS Lock, Low Resolution

Mafia 3’s launch on PC has been beset by the dreaded 30 fps lock. Plus what seems like low resolution textures, which makes it difficult to see what’s going on in certain indoor scenes.

Outdoors, the games looks just fine, in the day. At nights, visibility again, is an issue. Especially when you cannot adjust the brightness setting inside the game. Before launch, you get one option to set brightness, and then that option to adjust brightness is no longer available.

Mafia III

Gun play, dialogue and story are key positives for this game, so I still recommend it and I will play it to it’s conclusion. I am also considering the DLC, but not 100% sure that I will buy it yet.
So far, Mafia 3, seems like a great game that was ported shoddily to PC.
The game developer says there is a patch coming the weekend of October 8th.
It is now 4:00 PM USA, eastern standard time, and the patch is still pending.

Mafia III

Hopefully it gets here before the weekend is out, so I can crank up the settings and see if this game’s beauty can match it’s brain.

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