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Mafia III – The World of New Bordeaux- Combat Trailer

The Mafia III – The World of New Bordeaux- Combat Trailer is pretty underwhelming. I am excited about Mafia III, but that Combat Trailer, didnt move the needle one bit. At best the trailer is a 6 out of 10. And just because I had a chuckle when I saw some KKK getting shot. If I were undecided about Mafia III, this trailer would not make me pre-order.

The choice of music is probably the main drawback in the trailer. Son of A Preacher Man should be the only song used for all Mafia III trailers. 🙂

Next issue was the lackluster gameplay or maybe it was the editing of the video. Just drab.


Then the voice over… Too much voice over. Other than Morgan Freeman, Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber, less is more should be the policy when using voice over in video games, video/movie trailers or movies and tv shows.

Mafia III should rock the world, but this trailer contained zero hype.

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