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ReCore aka Alyx and Dog’s Desert Adventure aka Borderlands Single Player. 🙂

Those are the two main vibes I am getting from ReCore. Plus the recurring Predator theme, every time Joule shouts: “Mack!”


ReCore is absolutely beautiful and the voice acting is great.
I think it’s the first Xbox Play Anywhere game. That is purchase one digital copy and you can play it either on Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC.

I played ReCore on a Windows 10 PC with a Xbox One Controller. A hybrid of sorts.

Word on the street is that the game is short, about 6 hours. So, I hope to finish ReCore before Christmas. 🙂 I have been pretty bad about finishing games the last 4-5 years.

ReCore, although beautiful, at first glance you can tell it’s not as great as the games it seems to emulate or give a glancing nod to. A ReCore 2, with a co-op focus, where Mack is playable, would be excellent.

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