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Bioshock vs Bioshock Remastered

If you are considering getting Bioshock 1 or 2, get the remastered version, on sale.
Even if you can afford it, still get it on sale. $59.99 is too much for new paint.

The old version of Bioshock still looks great for a 2007 game and in comparison to the remastered version.
I played this on a Windows 7 PC. Not sure if specs have been updated, but as of September 15, 2016, Steam was showing Windows 7 as the only eligible PC platform.

Bioshock is one of my top three games of all time (Half Life and Fallout 3) are the others, so I recommend it. But I do not necessarily recommend the remastered version over the original. If they totally remade it, with new technology, levels, models, then sure, I would buy it again, because I love Bioshock.
But this seems like new paint on an old house. Sure the house looks better, but I could still live the old house without it being repainted and not care.

10/10 for old Bioshock/new Bioshock. But remember there are sound issues and if you get the collection, you are overpaying for old games that still look good in their original versions.
Since I already owned Bioshock, Bioshock: The Collection was a free upgrade for me.
$59.99 for Bioshock: The Collection is too much, this should’ve been priced at $19.99 at most, maybe even $14.99.

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