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No Man’s Sky – Best Non-Buy In Years!

Everyday this past week, I have checked the Steam Stats Page to check up on No Man’s Sky current players count.
The game launched with over 200,000 players and for a fleeting moment, I thought it would be a hit. But it has tanked in true epic box office proportions, to just over a 29,500 player peak today.

Ofcourse, these are PC stats, and the game could be going along swimmingly on console.

But, I dont care. I consider it a win for me, for fighting the urge to just get the game so that I can play it on My Channel. Which is something one might do if they fancy themselves as a Youtube content creator. You sometimes have to play games you dont really care about so you can either have an opinion of the game or most importantly to get views/subscribers.

No Man’s Sky has a PEGI 7 Rating. That’s right, 7!

And according to PEGI Info, a PEGI 7 game is only suitable for those aged seven and above…

Then why the heck was I thinking about playing that game? But most importantly why was every Joe Youtuber out there acting like it was a must buy?

Once I saw some of the early streams, I realized it would get boring really quickly. You know, like a game for a 7 year old would for a man of my age (39+). I asked and received a refund from Steam on my pre-order.

Best non-buy in years. It’s right there with We Happy Few, which tries, but is no where close to the vastly superior Bioshock.

When I first heard about No-Man’s Sky, I had visions of Mass Effect Andromeda, but bigger! Like way bigger.
Andromeda will eat this game’s lunch when it launches next March, 2017. I will use my No Man’s Sky savings and buy ME: A.

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